maricka's music


** Fill Me Up**

Fill me up is about god grace in her life. she's asking the lord to remove anything that is negtive and to fill her up with the holy spirit.

Tasha Cobbs

Tashas spent her childhood days in church and there she began her interest in music and she began singing at a young age. She is connected with the church and has been leading the worship and ministers in Atlanta, Georgia since 2006.



Fill me up

Fling Yuh Shoulder

this song is a happy song to get people to dance, feel good and have fun.

Ding dong

Born at Jubilee Hospital in Kingston, Jamaica, to Denise Bennett and Ferdinand Ottey, Ding Dong grew up in the community of Nannyville, Jamaica, where he was raised by his grandmother and aunt after being taken by his father from his mother in Fletchers Land, Jamaica. The name "Ding Dong" was given to him by his father and he was also affectionately known as "Alla Ding".

Dance hall

Fling Yuh Shoulder

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